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All about Alkaline Water Singapore

Alkaline water Singapore is defined as ionized water that is beneficial to human health, as an antioxidant and can slow aging and prevent disease. It is further defined as plain water that has gone through the process of electrolysis, or ionization. This is also described as ionized water.

For water to be alkalized or ionized, it is taken through the process of splitting the water into two streams; alkaline and acid water in Singapore. It is good to note that ordinary tap water has a neutral pH before undergoing this process. However, this pH varies depending on your location and you can find out by ordering a free water analysis report.

During the process of alkalization in Singapore, water is split into acid and alkaline streams. In the process alkaline stream dispensed and the acid stream is discarded which results in micro clustering. This is the most important property of alkaline water (especially in Singapore) it is the breaking up of large clusters of molecules into smaller groups. These clusters penetrate through cell walls very fast and results in quicker hydration and easy solubility.

Advantages of alkaline water over beverages

There is always been the debate that alkaline water is a chemical. Well the truth of the matter is, it is not a chemical nor does it have any chemicals added to it. This is simply water with smaller molecules and a higher pH. This is because there is no evidence that have been brought forward claiming that drinking this water has any effect on the body. A good thing about drinking alkalized water is that it is not expected to alter the body’s pH because of the acid-base homeostasis.

Alkaline water Singapore is not a new thing in the market; we have seen electrolyzed water being used by the food packaging industry in sanitizing food products. This is very effective in dealing with the bacterial solutions. However, this solution is found to be less useful when it comes to sanitizing utensils, surfaces and food products.

There are various advantages of alkaline water. It’s believed that it makes the body immune system become stronger. This on the other hand helps the body fight off disease and other unwanted impurities in the body better. Micro-clustering of the water molecules provides the body with the best hydration which in turn gives the skin excellent rejuvenation. This makes you energized since the abundance of oxygen molecules in the body is known in making us alert and more energized.

Alkaline water is used to restore the pH balance in the body since it neutralizes acidity in the body caused by stress, our diet, pollution mostly air, and bottled waters. This is because when there is a higher pH in the body, it reduces the need to have more fat and cholesterol in the body therefore protecting the body from these very damaging acids. It also has the negative charge and an antioxidant that reduces cellular DNA damage that is normally caused by free radicals. We also get energy after positive ions being gotten from negatively charged alkaline water.

Apart from that, Kangen water is sweeter in flavor and is lighter than ordinary water. This helps in the absorption of essential nutrients by the body which in turn improves the body function by cleaning the cells from the inside out. The good thing about the use of water with a higher pH level is the improvement of the taste of beverages and food. This gives you a healthy body which helps you fight diseases since you have a better functioning immune system. You can also cook using this water and get the taste and quality of alkaline diets. It is also the best for boiling eggs since acidic water improves their quality.

Another major advantage of using alkaline water is the provision of superior hydration and nutrition to the cells. Since alkalization breaks the water molecules from 11-16 molecules in standard water to 5-6 molecules, it makes it easy for the molecules to pass through cell walls easily and hydrate the cells faster. This allows the body to regulate temperature more efficiently and ensures the delivery of nutrients to the cells.

Alkaline water is known for detoxifying cells efficiently than tap or standard water. Basically because of the small sized molecules, alkalized water molecules are easily expelled from the cells while carrying damaging toxins out of the cells and flushing them out of the body system more efficiently. The positive ions of acids in the body will be taken out and neutralized within the body since the negative charge of the ionized Singapore alkaline water will attract them.

This water is also known to reduce the recovery time on may need after a strenuous exhaustion. This type of water helps the body to have a higher capacity for flexibility which gives you the capability to exercise. This is helpful (you can visit this page for more information on alkaline water benefits) for your heart since it significantly decreases blood pressure. The heart will be healthy if you drink alkaline water and allow you to keep running around on your busy schedule.

For most of the ladies, Singapore alkaline water is ideal as it slows down the aging rate by increasing intracellular hydration, maintaining acid alkaline balance and replenishing essential minerals. The water contains an ionic mineral which acts as conductors of electro-chemical activity between cells which unleashes the anti-aging formula. This can be well achieved by cooking and using alkaline rich diet and quite often use alkaline water to replenish and rejuvenate yourself.

Using this water to wash your face hydrates the epidermal outer layer and revitalize the body membrane. The skin regains its elasticity and its acidic effect is combated, this leads to the overall skin breakout being reduced drastically. In essence, your skin looks younger as this water increases intracellular hydration, replenishes essential minerals, flushes out and also prevents waste from accumulating in the cells and finally it stabilizes and protects body cells.

This high rich electron water consumption has shortcoming to the body. Its intake reduces the acidic environment in the stomach which is essential for appropriate food digestion. The buffering of the acidic condition in the stomach for a long period may cause various digestion disorders. The digestion process of protein as one of the requirements for a balanced diet consumption is tempered with. To be precise, digestion of protein might be disabled. This may affect the entire body health being. Hence, it is not worth the risk of taking the water.

However, it is good to know note that alkaline water is suspected to help in the prevention and elimination of cancerous cells in the body. This can be controlled by the elimination of the cancerous cells by the introduction of oxygen to the cells affected.

In conclusion, it is good to note that the recommended water for consumption is natural water. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a qualified medical doctor before drinking alkaline or ionized water. This may come as a contradiction to the claims that it is good for an oxygen boost in the body, neutralization of the acid level in the bloodstream, and elevating of energy level as well as enhancing food metabolism in the body. But it is good to reduce the number of times we drinking the alkaline water Singapore if not avoiding it altogether.